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I have finally decided to round up all of the late, great, Bob Upham's Grand Lake Stream streamer patterns that were scattered throughout my site and devote a page solely to his flies. My goal is to track down and show all of his undocumented patterns (which are considerable) as he was a very prolific tyer so this page will be a work in progress. Bob's tying style and sense of humor naming his flies have been a great inspiration to me and my own style. He was famous for saying "When they want a streamer they'll pretty much take anything" and he was right. Whenever I bumped into him while he was famously walking his dogs he would always recommend using a "Putt's Favorite" or "Alvin" which was usually pretty sound advice. The one time I saw him with a rod in his hand he had an "Alvin" tied on.

If anyone has an original of his that is not listed here please contact me to help out as I would be very interested in documenting it for a possible future book I am considering, Thanks!