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Atlantic Salmon Flies

It still remains to be seen if the days of fishing for Salmo Salar in Maine may be a thing of the past but I do know that I tied a hell of a lot of salmon and steelhead flies like the Blue RAT pictured to the left back in the 1980's as they were my favorite style then and I still love them today.

I offer them to those on trips to our Canadian neighbors great waters.

To honor the fish and the fly, I tie my salmon flies as true to the original dressing as possible using traditional and not so common materials such as Monga Ringtail, Fitch tail, Bear hair, and real Seal fur (Yes, I use real Seal fur dubbing). Of course some of the harder to find materials will depend upon availibility but I'll probably surprise you.

Again, if you don't see a particular pattern you're looking for listed- JUST ASK!

Nagli - Dbl Hook