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Wanted-Maine Streamer Memorabilia & Other Stuff

Posted on May 17, 2012 at 9:28 AM
As a collector/historian I'm always on the hunt for any of the following items.  If you have and might wish to sell any of the following items I would be appreciative if you'd please consider me and drop a line.  I promise they'll have a good home by someone who understands thier historical value.
Bert Quimby streamers
Lew Oatman streamers
Bud Wilcox streamers (specifically a Kennebago Smelt and a Tri-Color)
Dick Frost streamers
Bill Edson streamers
Gene or Emile Letourneau streamers
I'm also on the hunt for Tim Obrey's "Sexy Hexy" fly or the dressing/photo.  Not so I can copy and sell it but so I have one for my archives of Maine flies.
Thanks for your consideration!

Categories: maine fly fishing blog